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apple blossom


apple blossom

How to find us?


From San Francisco, take route 80 EAST across the SF-OAKLAND BAY BRIDGE.

Once you cross the bridge, follow 80 EAST and follow signs that lead you onto 580 EAST/SOUTH (I think it says 580 to Hayward, Fresno & L.A.).Shortly after you pass through Livermore, you will cross the Altamont Pass (where the windmills are, but you may not see them if it’s dark). Just after the windmills or pass, stay in right lanes…

You will see signs for continuing 580 East/South, but also signs for a split off on left for 205 to Tracy Stockton; go almost to the Tracy split off, but stay to right, it splits off into 205 to Manteca & Stockton – don’t take 205, stay to right to stay on 580, almost to end where it hits 5, towards a small town called Vernalis (the sign at the split will say 580 to 5 to Fresno/Los Angeles).

After the split, stay on 580 for just a few minutes, but watch for signs for 132 East to Modesto/Vernalis.

Take 132 EAST to Modesto.

Take 99 SOUTH to Merced.

Take 140 EAST to Mariposa/Yosemite.

Coming into Mariposa, you will come down a big hill, at the bottom of the hill watch for a sharp right turn onto Hwy. 49. It would be easy here to inadvertently continue on 140, so watch carefully for 49.

Take 49 SOUTH towards Oakhurst & Ahwahnee.

Approximately 18 miles south of Mariposa, you will come up a big hill and see a sign that says AHWAHNEE 4 MILES, and then another sign that says MADERA COUNTY. Go almost exactly 1 mile from the MADERA COUNTY sign and slow down as you come down the hill around the right bend, because there you will see a road on the left called SILVER SPUR TRAIL. (if you miss it, you will see a big APPLE BLOSSOM INN sign on your left, just use the turn-out and do a u-turn and go back about 300 feet or so to SILVER SPUR TRAIL).


Basically, find HWY 99 NORTH to BAKERSFIELD and to FRESNO


Go through the small town of COARSEGOLD. From Coarsegold you climb the hill/pass.

Coming back down the hill into Oakhurst, at the first intersection/red light

Take HWY 49 NORTH to Ahwahnee

We are just about 9 miles north on the right on Hwy 49 from that intersection.

At about the 6 mile point, you will come into Ahwahnee and see a Chevron station on your left, we are just under 3 more miles from that point at the north end of Ahwahnee.

You will see a big sign on your right that says APPLE BLOSSOM INN.


From Yosemite take 41 SOUTH to Oakhurst.

In Oakhurst take 49 NORTH to AHWAHNEE.

Approximately 8.3 miles north of Oakhurst you will come to Silver Spur Trail.

Just before the turn, you will see the sign for the town of Nippinawassee.

Turn RIGHT onto SILVER SPUR TRAIL. Make sure you make a hard right, as there are some HUGE potholes there!!!! Go about 150 feet and turn right into the APPLE BLOSSOM driveway.

Please contact us at the following:

(559) 642-2001

Toll Free – (888) 687-4281

44606 Silver Spur Trail Ahwahnee, California 93601

Email: [email protected]

Yosemite's Apple Blossom Inn

A unique & romantic Bed and Breakfast Inn situated on 5.5 acres near Yosemite National Park, California in the Sierra foothills. Located in the midst of an organic apple orchard, spa and gardens, special care is given to guest privacy as rooms are situated in a way that it may seem that you have the whole house to yourselves. Innkeeper, Candy 'Apple' Arthur, has her own home on the property and is always available to tend to the needs of her guests. Guests often spy wild turkeys, deer, foxes, ravens and other wildlife during their relaxing stay.

44606 Silver Spur Trail, Ahwahnee, CA 93601